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The healing nature of Le Marche's hidden gardens

Luca Oriciani discovered he had a passion for Historical Gardens and Gardening; having been born and raised in Ancona Luca joined the Marines, however his love of gardens slowly took over his life and with it brought him a career in a totally different direction. And we are so pleased it did.

Luca Oriciani - Villa Dorica's designer

A wonderful, kind and extremely knowledgeable person, Luca’s vision is clear to see. His impeccable taste and flair for design have led to setting up the most elegant outdoor areas I have ever seen.

He lives in a beautiful area in Ancona, in a Villa surrounded by green, and the Villa as you may have guessed is called VILLA DORICA . It is here he got his inspiration to set up VILLA DORICA luxury gardens; a company that focuses on beauty and offers garden design and garden furnishings, an exclusive selection of pieces some of which can be personalised.

His passion has led him to travel extensively, discovering small workshops run by local artisans and craftsmen. Some of these have led to collaborations resulting in incredibly unique pieces that his clients - who range from exclusive resorts to private homeowners - love .

He is also one of the most qualified experts in this field. Le Marche are full of little known historical gardens that form an important part of the nation’s history of garden design and these are often set on the grounds of beautiful villas but many are not open to the public. Amongst these are Villa Bonaccorsi, Villa Imperiale and Villa Caprile to name just a few.

Having the privilege of spending a day walking around these locations is a real joy and very soul soothing, listening to Luca describe all the different elements is an incredible and mindful experience. He has the ability of amplifying all the beauty and elements that we don’t normally pick up on.

As well as focusing on gardening design VILLA DORICA promotes healing gardens, transforming gardens into therapeutic areas that bring healing and wellness to those who spend time in them.

His other passions include Victorian Green Houses , he is in the process of doing up his own project in his garden that will become the venue for meetings and events and that he will give us a preview of, and we look forward to covering it in the months to come.

Dolce Marche collaboration

We are delighted that Luca has agreed to organise day tours of his stunning gardens exclusively for Dolce Marche; We will have access to locations that are not normally open to the public, some of which will include a picnic on the grounds with handpicked food and local wines .

Tours will start from May 2021; please pre-book as numbers will be limited .

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