The upside-down world of PANETTONI

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

No .. you don't need to turn your screen round , the Panettoni are actually hanging upside down .

Panettone being made at Zoppi Pasticceria in Jesi, Le Marche

This is part of the 22/24 hour long process that it takes to make them !


I spent a fascinating morning at PASTICCERIA ZOPPI in Jesi; a small town in the Province of Ancona, in a historical patisserie that is now in its third generation and currently run by Armando and Luciano Zoppi .

Their patisserie chef Samuele Pollonara, explained that this is a long process that has to take into account the weather and external temperatures as he uses lievito madre (mother yeast) and this implies a delicate and long process. There are many different passages but it well worth the wait; it is DELICIOUS !

Classic Panettone is filled with what are called canditi - candied fruit - but there are many variations such as pistacchio , pear and chocolate , gianduia , chocolate drops and new entries such as Panettone di Visciola made with Visciola wine.

As this is a traditional cake, the preparation process follows strict rules. Even the pieces that go into the filling are cut to a specific size , the tradition dates back to the Roman Empire and derives from panetto a leavened cake with honey as mentioned in Pietro Verri's writings during the 18th century as PAN DE TON ( luxury bread ).

Often associated with Milan it is a National tradition throughout Italy. No Christmas meal can end without it and it is eaten throughout the festive season and often brought as a gift or taken as a gift to Christmas dinners and lunches.

Zoppi is renowned for all their patisserie and cakes and their Panettoni are like all their other wonderful cakes and pasticcini ... SUPERB !

And the really good news is...

.. as a gift to us here at Le Dolce Marche they are prepared to ship them to the uk! So you can all enjoy this incredible cake and bring some DolceMarche to your Christmas table. Feel free to contact us for help with ordering if you need.

And we have more surprises to be announced courtesy of the chef Samuele Pollonara soon. Watch this space.

Pasticceria Zoppi

Via San Francesco 27, 60035, Jesi, AN

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