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Montecappone; The Utopian Vineyard you need to visit

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Every part of the Marche region has its own type of wine, and of course Verdicchio is probably the most well known; made from white grapes . Every single cantina has its own particular style and vinification procedures that allow for the incredible variety in its produce.

Montecappone Vineyard in Le Marche with Marche countryside surrounding

So let's start with a Verdicchio producer located in the Castelli di Jesi Verdicchio - a small inland area of le Marche. It’s not a large cantina, but it is an excellent one MONTECAPPONE, the vineyard of Gianluca Mirizzi

Montecappone many awards for their wine

But I need to go back a little and give you a background on the history of the area. The Marche was, and is, full of traditions; farming being one its key elements. However there was a time a few years ago when the government gave money to farmers to eliminate their vineyards in favour of food and consumer-orientated crops, and from then on - as with most counties- farming became so poor in resources and so complex in regards to its procedures that many farmers left and went to work in factory plants.

Luckily this is no longer the case, as it destroyed some incredible resources and many incredible passed-down skills were lost. Luckily not everyone followed suit, and some even when so far as to buy up and give new life to the abandoned vineyards. Gianluca Mirizzi is one of these visionaries; positive and driven he is a firm believer in quality and traditions. Wine has always been part of his heritage, his family owns a prestigious historical enoteca wine shop in Rome.

Gianluca Mirizzi of Montecappone Vineyard in Le Marche
Gianluca Mirizzi

When Gianluca started to work to regenerate his land and vineyards, they weren’t in the best of shape. Years of dedication, passion and hard work have transformed them into what they are today with many TOP prize winning wines (here are just a few of his prizes). He has since bought more land and created an incredible resource for all to enjoy; from reds to whites to his winning labels to his wonderful selection of olive oils. When what you create is motivated purely by passion, the results can only be excellent.

But, as with all wines, to understand the complexity of its flavors and taste you need to know its origin; the owners, the family, the area and traditions. And by doing this you will notice that these factors greatly influence the end product.

Owners are often helped by their ‘enologo di fiducia’; a wine expert that follows the entire process from start to finish, making small adjustments along the way ensuring a perfect outcome of the vendemmia and the quality of the final product. All this being said if the owner doesn’t have the nose and passion required and is not an active part of the process too, the end result is lacking...it is simply a wine that has good technical characteristics but lacks individuality.

This is the difference between a commercial wine and a stunning prize winning wine and Monteccappone has a whole series of these !

I met with Gianluca to see his latest harvest, and I’m proud to say that I’ve had the privilege of his friendship over the years. He and his family are incredibly dedicated, and his drive and passion are inspiring. He has been present every step of the way and the results speak for themselves. Spending a day at the winery will allow you to understand what lies behind the brand, to appreciate the whole production process, and savour the results.

Here at LE DOLCE MARCHE - contact us for help with day trips or any special event you may want to create with the stunning backdrop of an Italian Vineyard, we would be delighted to put together your bespoke day.

Montecappone many awards for their wine in 2020 - Le Marche producer

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