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Ice cream.... happiness in its purest form!

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Who doesn’t enjoy GELATO.

For Italians, and across the globe there is a whole world that rotates around Gelato. The biggest Italian ice cream fair is held just outside Le Marche in Rimini and is called 'SIGEP' and there are vast amounts of schools and courses. Once you have acquired the basic skills - which, naturally, comes with having sampled many gelatos - you will be able to taste the difference and will be able to recognize a GELATO ARTIGIANALE from a ready made one.. .and believe you me the difference is astounding. From the basic ingredients to the preparation and skill involved in the finished product.

Italian Gelato beautifully presented by Gelatology

Italian fresh gelato comes in coppette, paper bowls and cialde (edible biscuit cones) you can choose to have panna, fresh cream, on top or even inside the cone. The main skill you need to learn is how to eat it without getting it all over your face or clothes; my tip is that speed is of the essence. I still enjoy sitting down and having a cone full of freshly made artisan ice cream and I don’t even mind getting a few drops on my clothes, it is a moment a pure joy at any age!

I had the pleasure of being invited to take part in an event that was solely based on gelato, lots of different types and flavours . Do you know that there is such a thing as gelato gastronomico? These are savory flavored gelatos. I had the surprise of discovering a parmesan flavoured gelato and a gelato al pomodoro. Chefs love finding innovative combinations!

There are lots of Gelato experts but one that undoubtedty stands out from the crowd is Paolo Cappellini - an international expert that has written numerous books on the matter and is just about to come out with his latest book GELATOLOGY

Paolo travels the world teaching gelato store owners across the globe how to improve their gelati and has a close team of experts he works with.

I asked what he could create for Le Dolce Marche, and he came up with a one day event in Le Marche in which you can learn the basics of gelato making with a master! We are so lucky in Le Marche to have so many excellent and highly skilled experts in food and produce. Paolo is extremely funny, and has so much knowledge; he recently ran a set of gelato classes in Iran and they all adored him. His way of teaching makes even the chemistry that needs to be applied to understand the process interesting...and that let me tell you is no mean feat !

So what is available for our followers?

We look forward to him giving us some dates for our exclusive one day courses, and we will do our absolute best to satisfy all requests, but please be aware that places are limited.

Courses should start in March 2021 and booking is available through us. We will keep you posted !

Paolo Cappellini ice cream gelato

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